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Ligoverse gives you the guidance and knowledge you need to become proficient in platforms such as LigoLab LIS, TestDirectly, and CRM

The sections below will direct you to the training material relevant to your needs.


Access to training material to assist you with your implementation tasks


Get assistance and training to empower yourself on setup and configurations of your environment.

User Group Community

Interact with LigoLab partner members for tips and tricks

Internal Training

Get access to onboarding material to get you up and running


Our members create these carefully curated online programs to help you receive the training you need and become power users.

Reading Audit trails and User Logs
This program will give its users knowledge of the workings of the audit and logging systems that are in LigoLab information systems.
Ligoverse Tutorial
This tutorial is a crash course on the Ligoverse platform
LigoLab Overview Presentation